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Can You Solve the Murders?

A killer hunts fertile women in a misguided mission to franchise his cannibal culture. The sleepy countryside of rural Arkansas awakes to a heinous double murder. Police are … More


Call Me Roach. Just Roach.

A brutal double homicide in Hillside County, just outside Little Rock, Arkansas. Police are baffled by the lack of clues at the scene, and disgusted by the gory details of the … More


Name that Meat…

James Roach eats chunks of meat from an aluminum foil packet prepared for him by Professor Turner. He emerged with a bundle of aluminum foil and unwrapped it in front of me. … More

Interactive Crime Thriller


Buy the Book: No Family for Cannibals

Substitute a television episode for a psychotic episode! Season one on the new 412c.com features "No Family For Cannibals" in three episodes. Get Episode One on Amazon, but come … More


Meet the Author: Aaron K Smith

Interview by Carl Varga for 412C It is difficult to corner "No Family For Cannibals" author Aaron K Smith for an interview. He is a busy man, who in addition to writing fiction, … More



Ready to consume the second episode of No Family For Cannibals? Episode One ends with an enormous cliffhanger: is Roach Hillside County's only hope, or is he the killer? Stay … More